About Me

"My friends used to define me as a person that is never afraid of challenges, but motivated by them”

Rafael Picure
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Olá!!! I am a UX Designer from Brazil currently based in Berlin. After working for over 10 years for international brands in the Latam market, I’ve decided to move to Europe in search of new challenges where I found myself as a UX Designer.

In Berlin, I studied UX/UI Design in an intensive Bootcamp where I had the opportunity to design good projects. With one of them, I won the prize of the best overall UX/UI Project.

After finishing the Bootcamp I was invited to be part of the UX/UI Design teaching team where I help other students to switch their careers to the UX/UI field. I have mentored on more than 100 projects, given several Figma workshops and, as a volunteer, I have trained more than 70 students in HTML, CSS, and the basics of JavaScript.

With a strong focus on the Design Thinking process, my goal is to help companies to grow organically by delivering an intuitive, aesthetically, and pleasing user experience. The design must not only look good it should serve a purpose.

From my previous experiences, I developed skills in business, project management, and technical account management. I also had the opportunity to launch a Travel e-commerce platform.

I am very curious and I am always looking for new challenges. I consider myself a self-learner (I’m learning how to code by myself, and trying German!). I like to meet new people, travel, and I couldn't forget to say that I enjoy drinking beer or good wine with friends.

So if you want to have a talk or discuss working together, we can arrange a coffee or maybe, if it's out of office hours, a drink.